Application for Hockey Canada Skills Academy Link for 2020/2021



Welcome to the St. Joseph’s High School Hockey Canada site!

For several years now, we’ve been fortunate to enjoy the designation of being a certified Hockey Canada Skills Academy.  And over those years, we’ve had the pleasure of working with a lot of terrific young men and women who carry in their hearts a love for Canada’s signature game.

At St. Joseph’s, we believe in developing the whole player, on and off the ice.  We are a program that develops and fosters fundamentals as much as we introduce and cultivate systems and theory.  Whether we’re on the ice, in the classroom, or working on conditioning, nutrition and hockey maturity, we like to think that we approach the game of hockey from a lot of different angles.  That’s something that benefits every student, or every player, and allows them the opportunity to enjoy the sport at whatever level they may aspire to.


At St. Joseph’s High School, we like to think of ourselves as being a community that cares.  

And when we speak of caring, we don’t, by any means, want to limit ourselves to things that pertain only to the school.  Located in Renfrew, Ontario, we wish to act outwardly, beyond the walls and property lines of the school itself, and extend ourselves into the community of which we are a part.  We want to be able to make a positive difference.  To our students.  To our parents.  And to the town of which we are a part.

We’re delighted to be able to offer an opportunity to young hockey players that is both exciting and credible.

We are officially credited as a Hockey Canada Skills Academy.  That means that we can offer hockey instruction, both on and off-ice, as part of our curriculum package.  Now young hockey players in our area can grow in the game they love while accumulating recognized credits sanctioned by the Ontario Ministry of Education.  Like math, science, and language, hockey becomes a formal subject in the curriculum.

This, by the way, is the real deal.  Like any other subject we offer, hockey will have full academic integrity, as there is a strong theoretical component that’s part of the program, one that culminates in a formal hockey exam to attain the credit, just like in any other high school subject.  In addition, there is a rigorous regime of dry-land training and physical fitness that complements the theoretical and practical applications, resulting in the development of a player well-rounded in all aspects of the game.

We’re very fortunate, at St. Joseph’s, to have quality people in place to deliver the opportunity that we’re presenting to you today.  Our hockey staff has many years of experience in all levels of competitive hockey, both as players themselves, and as coaches.  And every one of them is excited to hit the ice every September, ready to begin implementation of what has proven to be a premiere hockey development program.

We’re  a hockey academy within an established high school, and offer the entire high school experience.

We are certified by Hockey Canada, but we serve you.

Should you require additional information regarding our program and how we might help you reach your hockey goals, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.  We’d love to talk hockey with you.



Student players will consist of male and female in grades nine and ten (bantam to midget) who play at a variety of ability classifications. Coming from a small rural area most play B or A hockey in house league or rep hockey; however, there are a few AA teams in the area during the winter months, and the opportunity to play AAA in the winter and spring.

As a fee for this program we will be charging students $350 each. This includes; ice time, transportation, dry-land uniform, insurance, and a HCSA jersey and socks.

Following are a couple of our daily off-ice and on-ice plans, so that you might see them at a glance in order to attain an overall impression.  For the detailed plans, please click below.