A couple weeks ago, our hockey program tried a game that is new to many of them but familiar to some, called ringette. Although this program is for hockey, ringette is a fast paced game that helps improve skating, hand-eye co-ordination, and most importantly, team work.

In ringette the rules are very different compared to hockey. For an example, you can’t skate the whole ice with the ring on your stick, you must pass over the blue lines to one of your teammates in order to gain ice. You are not allowed to go in the crease or it will be called as a “crease violation”, and you can only have 3 people on each team inside the ringette line at once, closest to the net.

Ringette was founded in 1963 by the Northern Ontario Recreation Directors Association, led by Sam Jacks, director or Parks of recreation for the city of North Bay and is now known all around the world, with the World Ringette championships coming up on November 27th-December 3rd in Mississauga.

This year, we have two ringette players in our program, Grace Froats and Kailey Macleod. In previous years we have had more, including Jocelyn Bernard, Erica Mosseau, Emma Kluke, former Jag Emma Crozier and Lauren Hill.

Overall it was a fun opportunity for our hockey players to try something new, and get a feel for ringette!IMG_9422 (1).JPG