Co-oping The Hockey Program


Every year our hockey program instructors look for students to co-op to help on ice, off ice and everyday activities. This year we have 4 co-ops. Cally Dunbar, grade 11, Brendan Hill, grade 11, Connery Campbell, grade 12, and Matthew Finan, grade 11, all former hockey program students. Co-oping the hockey program, allows the students to gain skills, and responsibility. Mike McMahon is the co-op teacher and gives them weekly logs and other assignments where they track their hours and answer questions, with different ones every week. Each week they spend about 15 hours at co-op.

Co-oping the program, you get 2 credits. With 31 students in the program, and having 4 co-ops it is definitely helpful. Cally Dunbar says “what I like about being a co-op is being able to give back to the program because it helped me improve my skills the two years I was in it. I get to lead drills as if I was a real coach. It’s hands on work that involves physical activity which I like. I struggle to sit around for four periods throughout the day so this is perfect for me cause I am able to move around for 2 periods in the afternoon.”

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