Injury Prevention

IMG_6435.JPGLast week our hockey program welcomed Patrick Cayen, from Ottawa Valley Physiotherapy to talk about some injury prevention exercises and ways to strengthen different muscles in your body including core, quads, calfs, and wrists using elastic bands. These exercises are purposely meant to prevent future injuries and to have a better performance during a practice/game. In the picture below, Patrick is explaining what causes shin splints and different things you can do to prevent it. Above, he is demonstrating a core exercise using the elastic band, the purpose of this is to have resistance on the band, while you are in stride, which results to having to keep a tight core.

Patrick is a regular guest here with our hockey program, he comes out most Tuesday’s to help on ice as well, every year he will give our students a presentation on common injuries that occur in hockey and ways to prevent them like shown below.



Co-oping The Hockey Program


Every year our hockey program instructors look for students to co-op to help on ice, off ice and everyday activities. This year we have 4 co-ops. Cally Dunbar, grade 11, Brendan Hill, grade 11, Connery Campbell, grade 12, and Matthew Finan, grade 11, all former hockey program students. Co-oping the hockey program, allows the students to gain skills, and responsibility. Mike McMahon is the co-op teacher and gives them weekly logs and other assignments where they track their hours and answer questions, with different ones every week. Each week they spend about 15 hours at co-op.

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A couple weeks ago, our hockey program tried a game that is new to many of them but familiar to some, called ringette. Although this program is for hockey, ringette is a fast paced game that helps improve skating, hand-eye co-ordination, and most importantly, team work.

In ringette the rules are very different compared to hockey. For an example, you can’t skate the whole ice with the ring on your stick, you must pass over the blue lines to one of your teammates in order to gain ice. You are not allowed to go in the crease or it will be called as a “crease violation”, and you can only have 3 people on each team inside the ringette line at once, closest to the net.