Hockey Program Visits NHA/NHL Museum

IMG-5414On Monday, Oct. 1, 2018 33 students from St. Joseph’s Hockey Canada Skills Academy, as well as instructors Stacey McGregor and Megan Cahill paid a visit to the NHA/NHL Birthplace Museum. They were given a brief introduction into the NHL’s early beginnings here in Renfrew through the efforts of M.J. and Ambrose O’Brien in 1909, when they established the NHA which became the NHL in 1917.

The students were very interested in the role of the O’Briens in the formation of the Montreal Canadiens and the Toronto Maple Leafs franchises as well as players such as Cyclone Tylor, Bert Lindsay, Newsey Lalonde and the Patrick brothers. The visitors were then given a tour of the museum with specific reference made to the George Kiely Library, one of the museum’s  most treasured collections.

The young athletes were also impressed with the early rules of the game, the equipment worn and the extent of local talent in the area. The students were challenged to compete in an extensive scavenger hunt that encouraged them to seek out other trivial information found within the museum.

What a great way for hockey stars of the future to link up and appreciate the contributions of the past.



Injury Prevention

IMG_6435.JPGLast week our hockey program welcomed Patrick Cayen, from Ottawa Valley Physiotherapy to talk about some injury prevention exercises and ways to strengthen different muscles in your body including core, quads, calfs, and wrists using elastic bands. These exercises are purposely meant to prevent future injuries and to have a better performance during a practice/game. In the picture below, Patrick is explaining what causes shin splints and different things you can do to prevent it. Above, he is demonstrating a core exercise using the elastic band, the purpose of this is to have resistance on the band, while you are in stride, which results to having to keep a tight core.

Patrick is a regular guest here with our hockey program, he comes out most Tuesday’s to help on ice as well, every year he will give our students a presentation on common injuries that occur in hockey and ways to prevent them like shown below.