Hockey Program Makes Use Of Bungee Cords For Cardio Training.

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Last week on October 12th, our Hockey Canada Skills Academy did an on ice training technique which involved bungee cords that SJHS recently invested in. These are meant to improve cardiovascular strength and leg muscles.

All together this training equipment costs around 1500$. While Mr. McGregor is very pleased to have the privilege of getting to use these tools, he hopes that it improves the players skill, technique, overall strength and most importantly that they have fun!IMG_9339.JPG



IMG_4437The Hockey Skills Academy, a program offered by St.Joseph’s High School brought out the beam and bars to participate in a sport they aren’t so familiar with, gymnastics. The 32 students participating in this educational program traveled over to Renfrew’s Recreational Centre on Thursday, September 21 to enhance their skills.

Looking forward to participating in this fun day, the Jags began their afternoon with a couple of stretches to warm up before getting onto the equipment. The stretches were difficult and absolutely proved how  flexible they were.

There was a variety of skill level amongst all the students; many new to the sport. They got the chance to learn many new skills as well as master some previously taught ones. Some preferring floor, beam, vault or bars; they rotated around the space getting to take a stab at all the events. Continue reading “DO HOCKEY PLAYERS HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO BE GYMNASTS?”