Alyson Wendorf


Graduating from Queen’s University with a Bachelor of Physical and Health Education and a Bachelor of Science, Alyson took a few years to travel/work abroad before returning to Ontario to obtain her degree in Education. An avid outdoor enthusiast and adventurer she has explored Japan and parts of Thailand on foot and bike; has worked for an active travel company, Backroads, leading hiking and biking trips through the Rocky Mountains; and has explored the beauty of our country by cycling across Canada in 2009.

An advocate of physical fitness and outdoor pursuits Alyson has been involved as a program leader/teacher assistant with Queen’s University 3rd year Phys. Ed Camp/Water-skills school, as well as, leading various multi-day high school outdoor education excursions – camping, skiing, dogsledding and snowshoeing. She has been promoting physical fitness and the importance of organized sport in the development of children throughout the years as a certified swim instructor/lifeguard, ski instructor, camp counsellor and coach working with people who possess a broad spectrum of abilities.

Alyson is a Physical Education teacher, a certified Spinning Instructor with Madd Dog Athletics and a Level 1 Crossfit Instructor. Having owned and operated her own gym facility, she has a wealth of experience creating and implementing off-ice conditioning programs for both individuals and teams. She has worked with several Pembroke Minor Hockey League teams to enhance their physical fitness and endurance. Her highly energetic and outgoing personality helps her motivate clients to push their limits and reach their potential.

Wendorf is also an avid runner and has qualified to run the Boston Marathon. She will be running it this coming April (2016) … She also just re-qualified to run Boston 2017 (ran the Toronto Waterfront Marathon October 19th with a time of 3:16:44)