• The Renfrew Country Catholic District School Board (RCCDSB), St. Joseph’s High School, the Renfrew Minor Hockey Association and Hockey Canada all agree that the purpose of this academy is the educational welfare of the students participating.
  • The opportunity to participate in St. Joseph’s High School’s HCSA will be made available to all males and females, in Grade 9 and 10.  As well, the program is aimed at attracting students of all abilities.
  • The purpose of the academy has four components:

a)      academic progress and credits obtainment

b)      development of individual hockey skills

c)       development of individual fitness and nutrition goals

d)      to build confidence and self -esteem

  • The HCSA will charge each student a fee of $350.00, but reserves the right to alter or omit the fee charged to a student or a family due to individual and family financial circumstances.  The annual operating budget of the HCSA will contain a provision for equity access on a ratio of 1 per 14 students.  This amount will not be secured by charging other students in the program more than the $350.00 fee.
  • St. Joseph’s High School’s administration and the RCCDSB, in consultation with the instructors in the HCSA, will determine the appropriate level of financial relief required by students and families on a case by case basis.
  • St. Joseph’s High School will seek funding sources from:

a)      school based or school board-based funds

b)      donations from local service clubs

c)       St. Joseph’s HCSA student initiated fund raising